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Using the Power of Digital Conversation

The power of messaging has shifted into the hands of the people. In the revolution, individual consumers can create their own messages. They have complete freedom over how these messages are transmitted and they can control who sees them. And it’s all happening on the Internet, mostly on social media channels.

More and more people are relying on social media to help them make decisions. Opportunities to develop customer loyalty, protect your brand and generate new leads are happening in social media conversations 24 hours a day. Knowing where the conversations are happening is more important than ever before.

Grow your business by fostering relationships

Pynna Technologies helps companies harness the power of listening – the most important piece of the communication process. We “listen” to the messages that are specific to your company, your industry, and your competition. We can alert you and your team to what is being said, in real time. So instead of merely tracking the chatter, your company can now engage your audience and build relationships like never before.

Are you listening?

People are looking for your products and services, talking about you and your competitors.

what Pynna Does

Pynna Listens

Pynna Technologies brings you PYNNA, a completely customizable online solution that harnesses the most powerful piece of the communication process – the power of listening. Pynna listens to what people and your competition are saying about you or your company, your messages, your competition, your industry, your products or services. This will help you understand and connect with your customers and provide valuable insight into your customer's needs and concerns.

Pynna Engages

Conversations are markets: Social media conversations are occuring every min of the day throughout the world. These Conversations are potential markets for your company. Each conversation could be an opportunity to find a new sales lead, to protect your brand, to strengthen your brand, or to grow your market share. Pynna will allow you to ENGAGE IN THESE CYBERSPACE MARKETS. With real time alerts, Pynna will notify you and your team when your selected keywords are being used in social media conversations.

Pynna Protects

Pynna grows your company’s lead generation, your company’s reputation, your relationships with customers, your staff’s utilization, your company’s brand awareness, your customer loyalty, your employee relations and your competitive advantage in the industry. When you are listening and know what people are saying, the possibilities -- customer relations, reputation management, customer feedback, lead generation, relationship management, brand protection, community engagement, product innovation, competitive advantage --- are endless.